REAL Negotiation Workshop Trainings

Whether organizing a new management team or pulling resources for a new
project, you will inevitably find yourself at the negotiating table. Through
a combination of negotiation theory, inter-active theater role-plays and specified English-language training, we give you the tools you need to become an accomplished negotiator.

We customize our on-site workshops to your organization's needs by extensively researching our roles to convincingly depict characters your consultants will encounter. We apply our learned craft to create the most realistic environment to learn and practice negotiation skills for our clients.

In this hands-on seminar, your employees learn through practice exercises
how to strengthentheir negotiation skills. Participants practice skill-building exercises as a team and one-on-one in order to apply their abilities within their own business environment.

Participants will learn to:

•Develop an effective plan and strategy for any negotiation

•Know when to and when not to negotiate

•Become more persuasive

•Develop a common ground with the other parties

•Read client and employee behaviour styles
•Recognize interests and issues and avoid unnecessary positions

•Neutralize manipulative tactics


Types of Role- Play Used in our Workshops


Forum Theatre
Actors present a scenario specific to your project and issues. The observers
are then given the opportunity to stop and change the action when they feel
improvements can be made. The action can be rewound and replayed according
to the comments. Feedback continues until the scenario becomes a demonstration of 'best practice'.


Briefed Role-Play
Participants improvise a role play with the actors, base on a detailed brief. This
method gives participants the opportunity to test and develop their skills realistic business situation. Actors will always give feedback to individually evaluate each particiapant.
Sketches are an exciting and effective way to bring a theory to life. Always
entertaining and often humorous, they are the ideal injection in a presentation
or workshop. Participants learn by playing.
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